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The company undertakes various types of projects including: amusement facilities, decoration, painting, waterproofing, glass, demolition projects, etc. The customer groups include: residential, shopping malls, industrial and commercial buildings, Ocean Park, MTR, international schools and (Macau) Haitianju, Different types of buildings such as the sea dwelling and the Milky Way.

At the same time, OrderMore Solar System was established in 2018 to actively participate in and promote the environmental protection of solar energy systems. Over the years, he has contributed a lot and accumulated rich experience in the construction industry.


We provide one-stop professional services, in addition to free consultation on solar energy systems, from the agency application to the construction and installation, to the successful grid connection of the power company, and then to earning electricity price income, our ordermore solar system will provide one-to-one care with each other. To ensure that every customer can receive peace of mind and satisfactory service.

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OrderMore Solar System Introduction

In recent years, the Hong Kong government has attached great importance to promoting environmental protection and emission reduction, and is determined to build a green and low-carbon livable city. The company also actively participates in its renewable energy plan. The business development includes outlying islands, Fanling, Tai Po, Kwai Chung, Fo Tan, Repulse Bay, Tsuen Wan, Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai, Shatin, Sai Kung, Hong Kong Island and many other areas.

OrderMore Solar System all hold professionally accredited qualifications, including qualified construction teams, electrical contractors, and accredited structural engineers, dedicated to ensuring project quality and construction control.

Engineering example

Professional team provides you with free quotation, door-to-door scale 📏CLP application 🗳and design💻

Bracket: Use aviation aluminum alloy | Resist typhoon level 16 | Structural waterproof/heat insulation | Beautiful and practical

Equipment: 10-year maintenance for solar panels | 5-year maintenance for inverters |

Sheshan Village

Tai Shui Hang Village

Kam Hing Wai

Xiafeng Village

Hang Tau Village

Lau Fau Shan Ha Village

Money Village

Shangfeng Village

Lingpi Village

Yee Chui Garden

Four Seasons Garden

Tai Po Tau Village

Hemp Circle

Xiaokeng Village

Stanley Chung Hom Kok

Levy Building, Kwun Tong

Huawei Industry And Trade Center


「Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff」
Hong Kong Government Subsidy Policy

On April 17, 2018, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government announced the details of the "Fit-In Tariff" plan, which will sell electricity to two local power companies (HK Electric and Hong Kong Electric Power) in the form of private electricity production to encourage the development of renewable energy, including solar and wind power. generate electricity. Sieve, the price of renewable energy purchased by the two power companies is equal to HK$3 to $5 per kilowatt-hour of electricity, and the buyback period is from 2015 to 2033. In addition, the two power companies can sell "Renewable Energy Certificates" to corporate business owners to certify that electricity is sourced from renewable energy schemes.  



Train Services

We provide professional one-stop service, in addition to free consultation, from the agency application to the power company's acceptance and successful grid connection until the electricity price income is obtained.

Free On-Site Inspection
Provide Feasible Solutions
Electricity Rate Application
Bracket Design
Electricity Drawings
Water Removal Design
System Equipment
Site Construction
Electricity Connection
System Test
Power Company Acceptance
Grid Connected Watch

Simple 4-Step Song For Connecting To The Power Grid

Patience, professionalism, flexibility

01. Multi-Channel Free Inquiry

Free door-to-door survey and quotation
Telephone/WhatsApp/Facebook for information enquiry, explaining the details of the "Renewable Energy Grid Program" and related solar energy system doubts.

02. Planning And Design System Installation

After selecting a suitable plan and confirming the quotation, we will act as an agent to apply for the "renewable energy feed-in tariff" and submit the system design, power installation and related technical drawings to the power company for approval. After receiving the approval letter from the power company, we will immediately arrange customized materials After delivery and transportation, the on-site construction can begin in about three weeks. Installation time is generally 5-7 days

03. Inspection And Completion

After the construction on site, 8 safety tests will be carried out to ensure that the system operates normally and meets the requirements of the power company and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Office

04. Acceptance, Hanging Meter And Grid Connection

The power company arranges personnel to inspect the site
and confirm whether the system is completed as required.