Water-proof Test


Industrial Building

Before installing solar energy construction, the most important thing is to solve all the problems of the roof! The roof is exposed to the sun, rain, wind and rain, and it does need constant maintenance. In addition to solar energy construction, we will also work with the same team of experts to deal with water seepage and leak prevention to provide customers with one-stop maintenance services. Customers who are ready to install solar energy can feel at ease and at ease, so once and for all, there will be no trouble!

Weather overview: The weather overview and information on the day of the test are compiled from the Hong Kong Observatory

(Temperature, Relative humidity, Rainfall)

Detection methods and principles are divided into
Infrared Scan, Professional Visual Inspection, Fluorescent Dye Test

01.Infrared Scan

Infrared scanning is used to measure thermal radiation that is imperceptible to the naked eye. Infrared thermal imager can sense the radiant energy emitted by the object,conduct temperature measurement, and determine the location,area and severity of leakage through the temperature difference on the surface of the detected object

02.Professional Visual Inspection

Through on-site visual inspection of the current situation of water/waterproof facilities and the things/locations that cannot be found or recorded by the instrument, the inspectors can help to evaluate various potential causes of water seepage, so as to formulate appropriate and targeted water seepage investigation plans

03.Fluorescent Dye Test

The inspector conducts the test with colored colored water on site and irradiates it with ultraviolet light to check whether the colorant used in the test process is found